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Yard Switchers

The following is our inventory of yard switchers equipped with hydraulic 5th wheels. Great for jockeying around equipment within your yard.
1995 Ford L8000 Yard Switcher TRO0526114 - $5,900 NNY NT
1995 Ford L8000 Tractor with Hydraulic 5th Wheel
Cummins 8.3L mech 225hp - T8607B 7 speed - Rockwell w/ DTC 4.56 - spring suspension - 150" WB

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Gliders - Wrecks - Parts Trucks
The following trucks are our inventory of parts trucks, gliders, and wrecks. If you're looking to buy a cheap truck and fix it up to get it on the road, then this is your section. We'd also consider parting these trucks out, so call us for pricing on individual parts. This is by no means a comprehensive list of our "parts trucks" so if you don't see the part you want, call us for availability. 1-800-755-8655
1999 Sizu Magnum Yard Switcher TRO0530141 - $3,900 as is
1999 Sizu Magnum Tractor with Hydraulic 5th Wheel
Cummins 5.9L mech 174 hp CORE - Allison MT643 automatic transmission - Eaton rear - solid ride 30,000 lb suspension - heavy frame - hydraulic 5th wheel

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